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215 1,58,977.51 1,04,63,625.83 1,03,79,527.33
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  • Website will be under Maintenance Tomorrow i.e., 07.12.2016 - So there is no Sales Tomorrow and No Loading will Done at Stockyards. http://www.animatedgif.net/new/glownew_e0.gif
  • Order ID's will not be extended after expiry of 30 days. The amount will be refunded by deducting Rs.1000/-.
  • All the EE's requesting sand for govt. works should send the request online through mail. Further procedure will be informed through mails.
  • In Karimnagar local bookings, only local people with local registered lorries should book at 3pm, Other customers, Lorries will be blocked.
  • Each Vehicle is allowed to book after 3 Days.
  • All the Govt. Works waybills should be acknowledged by the concerned site Engineer for allowing next Loading.
  • All the Govt. Works related lorries and Interstate Booking lorries should be registered with TSMDC.